ARIA DA CAPO
    Opera based on the play by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Excerpts performed by Metropolitan 
    Opera Studio.   

           Columbine: Coloratura Soprano
           Pierrot: Lyric Tenor
           Corydon: Tenor
           Thyrsis: Baritone
           Cothurnus: Bass-baritone

      Orchestration: See below*

  "The Metropolitan Opera Studio performed a few weeks ago excerpts from an opera by Robert Baksa   written with fine opportunities for singers and musicians alike and a very witty text. I am sure that Mr. Baksa is splendidly equipped for writing operas and should get all the encouragement he can find."
George Schick, Musical Director Metropolitan Opera 1968

       Performed in original version in 1969 by The Lake George Opera. (55 minutes)

"Baksa displays exceptional lyric gifts. More important to a singer, he has unusual insight into the singer's range. The audience not only receives the poetry and melody in a beautifully coordinated whole, but gains the added dimension of meaning and intent as well."    
                                                        David Lloyd, Tenor ,  Director, Lake George Opera   1968

"What does distinguish the music is his skillful exploitation of the various vocal timbres, and his ability to set an English text intelligently to music...These qualities are much rarer than might be imagined and suggest a special affinity for vocal writing...
                                                         Michael Weiner, Knickerbocker News 1969

WHAT JOY IN THE ARTS IS ALL ABOUT"...the precision with which so many things of sufficient quality were mixed together...made an unusual evening's entertainment whose memory lingers on."
                                                         Joan Simmons  Albany Times Union  1969

        Performed in  revised and expanded version twice at Academy of Vocal Arts, Philadelphia.
With Metropolitan Opera Conductor Richard Woitach at the piano

"...Baksa has masterfully transferred Edna St. Vincent Millay's play to the operatic stage." 
                                                                              Samuel Singer, Philadelphia Inquirer 1981


"Those interested in opera that is charming and entertaining found much to admire...Baksa has succeeded in creating a variety of ingenious forms that are complicated in texture but easy on the ear. His fusion has a delicious quality...Throughout his tone was unfailingly lyrical and conservative in the best sense."
                                                                                   James Felton, Bulletin 1981

     * In 2007 the composer made further revisions in the expanded opera reducing the                 orchestration to 11 players with the option of expanding the strings.  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass and Piano.

The newly engraved vocal score is available through Theodore Presser.



                              RED CARNATIONS

(Duration 35 minutes)

    Commissioned by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts for the Metropolitan Opera Studio
    Libretto by the Composer from the play by Glenn Hughes
     "An excellent introduction to opera for audiences of all ages."
                                                                                       The Minikin Opera of Baltimore

Featured opera for 2004 apprentice tours by the Santa Fe Opera Company and the
2006 apprentice tours by the Dallas Opera
  Other performances by The Orchestra of St. Luke's which created the Children's Free Opera program to feature the work, Golden Fleece Opera of New York and the Diamond Opera Company of Hudson, NY


        Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bassoon, Piano, 3 Violins, Viola, 2 Cellos, Bass
    Reduced Orchestra: Flute, Cello and Piano (performed with vocal score)

    Set:Park Bench

The engraved vocal score is available as a special print item from THEODORE PRESSER.
For a limited time a copy of the facimile edition of the original vocal score is available, one to a customer,  by sending a 10x14 SASE plus $4 to cover postage to COMPOSERS LIBRARY EDITIONS, P.O.Box 424, Kinderhook, NY 12106.  For more information contact Robert@robertbaksa.com

Engraved orchestral score and orchestral materials available