Alto Sax Sonata, Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, Oboe Sonata, Quintet for Bassoon and Strings. 

           Paquito D'Rivera, Saxophone; Paul Gallo, Clarinet, Marcia Heller, Oboe, William             Scribner, Bassoon; Elisabeth Wright, Piano; The Bronx Arts Ensemble
    Newport Classic NPD 85624
        (available online at

Celestials for Flute and Guitar
    American Music for Flute and Guitar
         Annette Heim, Flute; Bret Heim, Guitar
    Nomad Classic
      (available online at,,     , and )

Collage for Clarinet Quartet and Concert Band
      Commissioned by The USMA Military Band
        West Point Band - 200 Years of Excellence
       West Point Clarinet Quartet, West Point Military Academy Band
       Conducted by LTC Thomas Rotundi, Jr.
       (Recording available on request from
       The US Military Academy Band
       Egner Hall, 685 Hardee Place
       West Point, NY 10996)

Duo Concertante
    (New Music for Harpsichord)
Elaine Comparone, Harpsichord
    Jerry Willard, Guitar
    Capstone Compact Disc 8733
    (available online at

Emily Dickinson Songs: Two Butterflies, I'm Nobody, There's a Certain Slant of Light
    (American songs to poems of Emily Dickinson)
   Nancy Ellen Ogle, Soprano, Ginger Yang Hwalek, Piano, Kathleen Lingnell Ellis, Narrator
    Capstone Compact Disc CPS 8683 CD
        (available online at )

Emily Dickinson Songs: Who robbed the woods, I took my power in my hand, No matter-now-sweet,     When night is almost done, The morns are meeker, A shady friend for torrid days
    (The Poetess Sings)
    Carolyn Heafner, Soprano, Shirley Ann Seguin, Piano
    Musician's Showcase Compact Disc MS1085  
      (available online at )

Emily Dickinson Songs: Much madness is divinest sense, I'm nobody, The morns are meeker, This is my letter to the world, Two butterflies went out at noon, The soul selects her own society. 
     Joyce Andrews, Soprano; Beverly Hassel, Piano
     Capstone Records Compact Disc CPS-8720 
     (available online at ) -

Emily Dickinson Songs: A shady friend for torrid days, Heart we will forget him, What Inn is this, Two butterflies went out at noon.  (Voices of the Valley)
 Danielle Woener, Soprano, Barbara Pickardt, Piano
     Albany Compact Disc Troy 877
(available online at    

Flute Music of Robert Baksa: Flute Sonatas 1-3, Aria for Flute, Monologue for Solo Flute.  Soliloquy (Krishna's Song) for Solo Flute,
   Katherine Fink, Flute; Elisabeth DiFelice, Piano
    Musician's Showcase Compact Disc MS1080
    (available online at

Flute Sonata #1, Woodwind Quintet #1, Quartet for Piano and Winds  Quartet for Piano and Winds
    Bradley Garner, Flute; Ae Ree Kim, Piano; The Virtuosi Quintet
    Capstone Compact Disc CPS 8608 CD
      (available online at

Flute Sonata #1
    Leaving the 20th Century (flute music of Baksa, Liebermann, Gates, Morris,           Schwantner, Lennon, Muczynski)
Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough, Flute
    Polly Brecht, Piano
    Fanfare 00022-1
    (available online at Flute World)

Octet for Woodwinds, Quintet for Flute and Strings, Nonet for Winds and Strings
    The Bronx Arts Ensemble
    Albany Records Compact Disc Troy534
      (available online at

Quintet for Oboe and Strings, 12 Bagatelles for Piano, Overture for Clarinet
             Quintet for Oboe and Strings:
    Bert Lucarelli, Oboe; Michael Fardink, Piano; Jerome Bunke, Clarinet, Naoko Tanaka,
    Masako Yanagita, Violins; Susan Winterbottom, Viola; Ted Hoyle, Cello
    Capstone Compact Disc CPS 8610 CD
      (available online at

Soliloquy for Solo Flute (Krishna's Song)
    Inflorescence II (solo flute music from the Baroque to the Present)
    Laurel Zucker, Flute
    Cantilena 66022 (2 CDs)
      (available online at, and

Sonata for Flute and Guitar, Sonata da Camera for Guitar, Journeys for Flute,
     Viola and Guitar, Sonata da Giardino for Guitar, Celestials for Flute and Guitar
Annette Heim, Flute, Bret Heim, Guitar and Christine Bock, Viola
MSR Records MS1306
      Available from MSR.COM,                      

Trumpet Sonata, Earth Elegy for Trumpet and piano
    (New American Trumpet Sonatas)
    Rodger Lee, Trumpet; Mitchell Vines, Piano
    Capstone Compact Disc CPS 8620 CD
        (available online at






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