Composer's Upgrades

The composer has made significant revisions in the scores of the following pieces:  All of the following publications are available through the Theodore Presser Company

CLE-4. CLE-5 become CLE-107
Seven Songs to Poems of Emily Dickinson, More Songs to Poems of Emily Dickinson. (1964-1968)
These two volumes have been combined into one with two additional songs.  Six of the original songs are revised in 2004 when the new edition was prepared. The new volume bears the catalogue number 49100473

A Cynic's Cycle (Poems of Amboise Bierce) (1968)

The new edition, prepared in 1999 contains three new songs added to the original four.  The catalogue number for the new volume is 49100359

Housman Songs (1967-1981)

The original cycle of seven songs has been revised and expanded with four additional songs in this new edition released in 1999. The catalogue number is 49100360

CLE-15 becomes CLE 169  Piano Trio #1 with Clarinet and Cello
Revised version of this work features enriched writing in the piano accompaniment
particularly in the last movement.

Red Carnations (vocal score) Opera in One Act (1969)

The vocal score, originally published in a facsimile of the composer's manuscript was available through Alexander Broude Inc.  The score has been engraved and is now available through the Theodore Presser Company. The new edition (2001) corrects several errors in the earlier release and contains the composer's latest revisions.  49200003

Twelve Bagatelles for Piano (1974-81)

The new edition (2002), newly engraved, corrects several errors which appeared in the original edition. (4900060)

Piano Fantasy (1979)

This newly engraved edition (2002) clarifies several awkward passages.(49000601)

Flute Sonata #1 (1976)

The latest edition (1999) adds some recent revisions (494-01843)

CLE-25 Oboe Sonata (1988)
2001 edition alters several scale passages.(494-01847)

CLE-26 Horn Sonata (1983)
A new edition presents a major revision of this work.  Released in 2005 (494-02718) the work has been transposed and completely rewritten.

CLE-27 Trumpet Sonata (1993)
2002 edition includes several revisions in the two outer movements (494-01887)

CLE-28 Cello Sonata (1980)
2001 edition contains a few revisions (494-01852)

CLE-34 Dialogue for 2 Solo Flutes (1994)
2000 edition features an improved layout to avoid awkward page turns (494-01896)

CLE-46 Sonata da Camera for Guitar (1994)
2004 edition corrects a few errors

CLE-49 Exchanges for 2 Solo Flutes (1995)
2002 edition alters several passages making them easier to finger in a rapid tempo ((494-02309)

CLE-64 Bassoon Sonata (1991)
2005 edition contains several recent revisions (494-02784)

CLE-67 Duo Sonata for 2 Harpsichords (1995)
2002 edition corrects the editorial error where the two parts inadvertently changed staff (494-01005)

CLE-71 Looking Glass Variations for Piano Solo
Composer suggests performing Variation II (Arpeggio) after Variation V (Figuration)
for a better architectural shape ((490-09140)


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Composer's Upgrades