Vocal Music

A CYNIC'S CYCLE for Tenor and Piano  (total time: 16 min)
    Complete Edition
    Poems by Ambrose Bierce from The Devil's Dictionary and Shapes of  Clay
        (Business,Allah's good laws, To men, Montefiore, The Graverobbers, Religion, The Troutlet)

DOW SONGS for Soprano or Mezzo and Piano (total time: 12 min)
        Poems of Dorothy Dow         (The Elusive, Things, To a Proud Lover, To a Neglectful Lover, To a Jealous Lover, Recurrence, To a New Lover) 

EMILY DICKINSON SONGS for Soprano or Mezzo and Piano (total time: 30 min)
    Complete Edition
    (Much madness is divinest sense, I took my power in my hand, What inn is this, I died for beauty,
    The soul selects her own society, A shady friend for torrid days, I'm nobody, Two butterflies went
    out at noon, Heart! we will forget him, No matter-now-sweet, Poor little heart!, There's a certain
    slant of light, The  morns are meeker,  When night is almost done, Who robbed the woods, This
    is my letter to the world)

HOUSMAN SONGS for Baritone and Piano (total time: 20 min)
    Complete Edition
    Poems from A Shropshire Lad
    (When I was one and twenty, When the lad for longing sighs, On your midnight pallet lying,
    Oh, sick am I to see you, White in the moon, Others, I am not the first, Oh, fair enough are
    sky and plain, If it chance your eye offend you, Oh, when I was in love with you, Think no
    more, lad, Loveliest of trees)

THREE PORTRAITS for Baritone and Piano (total time: 9 min)
    Prose poems by Fenton Johnson
    (The Banjo player, The Drunkard, The Minister)

TEASDALE SONGS for Soprano or Mezzo with Piano
    Poems by Sara Teasdale
    (Advice to a Girl, Did You Never know, When Love Goes, Portrait of Pierrot, April Song)          491-00490

Poems by Emily Dickinson
   (Nature, the gentlest mother is; Going to Heaven; Hope is the thing with feathers; Dear
   March; Sleep is supposed to be; The rose did caper on her cheek; A soul goes to heaven;
   There came a wind like a bugle)

Poems by Emily Dickinson)
    (Good morning, Midnight; Floss wonít save you; The Caterpillar; Why do they shut me out of heaven?; The Spider; Bee, Iím expecting hyou; When they come back; My friend attacks my friend)


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